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A No-Frills Approach to Reading and Writing German

Book 4


by Eugene R. Moutoux




Chapter 1: Narrative past of regular and mixed verbs


Declension of derselbe

Chapter 5: Passive voice: present, past, and future tenses

Present participles


Chapter 2: Narrative past of irregular verbs

Chapter 6: Passive: perfect, past-perfect tenses

Present passive infinitive

Chapter 3: Unreal conditional sentences in present and future time

Present subjunctive II


Chapter 7: Present subjunctive I

Indirect statement

Was für ein

Chapter 4: Past subjunctive II

Unreal conditional sentences in past time

Chapter 8: Past subjunctive I

Future subjunctive I

Indirect statement, continued

  Glossary: German to English
  Glossary: English to German
  Grammar Appendix


Graphics by Thomas E. Moutoux


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