For Intermediate Students of German . . .

Unbekannt und Unbeachtet:

German Fairy Tales You May Have Missed


You will be proud to own and delighted to use this beautifully printed and bound 6" x 9" revised paperback edition of a book that I have offered for many years in a less attractive, photocopied form. It can be purchased from me for $15, including postage and handling. 

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  "I have to tell you again how much I am enjoying your German books—all three of them!  It’s obvious that you put a lot of care and thought into preparing them, and I’m finding them to be much more helpful than the other resources I have found. You make learning German an absolute pleasure!"

Laura L. Russell, Houston, TX

"I was wondering if I could buy a copy of your book Aus erster Hand. ... I have two of your other German books [Essential German and Unbekannt und Unbeachtet] and they have been fantastic. As an adult learning German I really appreciate a straight forward approach to grammar and the chance to translate from English to German."

Jodie Aberdeen, Zurich, Switzerland


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