Thousands of Latin Derivatives

After many hundreds of hours of work, Thousands of Latin Derivatives is ready for your perusal. Well, mostly. No doubt there are still some typos, still some errors of alphabetizing, still some words that might have been defined more accurately, still some sentences that might have been written more skillfully, still some redundancies and some omissions. But, by and large, this is a book I feel good about. It features more than 3000 Latin derivatives, defined and used in original sentences, and approximately 30,000 related Latin derivatives, including certain inflected forms.

The Latin root words in this book are arranged alphabetically, with ample cross references. The verb capio, for example, is followed by three defined derivatives (the noun capital, the adjective capital, and capitalism), and is cross-referenced to other Latin root words: capax (itself cross-referenced to capacitas), captio, captiosus, captivus, concipio, exceptio, incipio, occupo (cross-referenced to praeoccupo), participium, percipio, praecerptum, and suscipio. Under these words you will find, defined and used in sentences, the Latin derivatives capacious, incapacitate, caption, captious, captivate, conceptualize, unexceptionable, incipient, preoccupied, participle, percipient, precept, and insusceptible as well as several hundred related words. Each of these Latin root words is cross-referenced to capio; additionally, participium is cross-referenced to the noun pars.

It is important to note that many Latin root words and many Latin derivatives do not appear in this book. Latin words like the capio-compounds accipio, decipio, intercipio, and recipio are not included because they offer only unchallenging derivatives like acceptable, deceptive, intercept, and reception; and some Latin words, like the capio-compound occipio, have yielded no derivatives at all. Of course, thousands of Latin derivatives are too specialized for a general readership.

This 8 1/2" x 11" spiral-bound book has 175 pages with single-spaced, 9 pt. type. The price is $25, which includes media-mail shipment to destinations in the United States.


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