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***Diagramming Step by Step***

~ One Hundred and Fifty-five Steps to Diagramming Excellence ~

Diagramming Step by Step: One Hundred and Fifty-five Steps to Diagramming Excellence contains 155 examples of Reed & Kellogg diagrams, 25 examples of tree diagrams, 387 sentences for students to diagram in the traditional Reed & Kellogg manner, and 22 sentences for students to diagram with tree diagrams. The principal instructional section of the book consists of 24 lessons, each with a page of grammar explanation, a page of model diagrams, a page of sentences for students to diagram, and a page of writing tips. In a section entitled "People in the Park," a storyteller (that's me) tells stories about the lives of people in the park, and students are expected to diagram the sentences of these stories. Grammar hints are provided for those who need them. A separate section contains ten challenging sentences of more than 100 words each for students to diagram. An entirely new section introduces students of Reed and Kellogg diagramming to the favorite mode of diagramming of most modern linguists, tree diagramming. This section contains 25 model diagrams (with explanations) and 22 sentences for students to diagram using tree diagrams. Students will be excited to compare and contrast the syntactic analyses of modern linguistics with those of traditional grammar. Diagramming Step by Step has, in the back, answers (diagrams and explanations) for every sentence in every section of the book. This book is dedicated to my deceased wife of 41 years, Joni. I have tried to make it my best, most complete diagramming book. 

Should you buy this book if you already have Drawing Sentences? Not necessarily, but if you are looking for additional diagramming challenges for yourself or your students, you will find plenty in this book. Also, I know of no other diagramming book that provides the in-depth look at tree diagramming found in Diagramming Step by Step. Teachers purchasing a copy of this book may photocopy all or some of its pages for free distribution to their students. The price of this edition of Diagramming Step by Step is $26.95. You may purchase it from the publisher by going to A few copies of earlier, less thorough editions are still available for purchase from me. When sold out, these editions will not be reprinted.

I invite you to examine several pages of Diagramming Step by Step. For reasons that I do not fully understand, the size of each of these pages is magnified. The actual page size is 8 1/2" x 11".

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July 2013


"I received my copy of Diagramming Step by Step a couple of days ago and I couldn't wait any longer to let you know how much I'm enjoying it. I'm thrilled with it! It's what I've been looking for for ages. You explain everything in so much detail, including exceptions to the rules, and you cover all the things other books leave out or assume I magically already know!

 "I love the chatty style because it makes the book seem friendly and unintimidating, and it also makes it much easier to follow when there's less highfaluting language to contend with on top of a bunch of new terms.

 "I got up an hour ago and all I have done so far is sit at my desk reading my new book and drawing grammar diagrams. Ahhhh, heaven!!!

" I'm so glad I bought it. Thank you again for your fantastic books."

Hazel Kirby, Bideford, Devon (England)

  "Received your wonderful book [Diagramming Step by Step] yesterday. It looks very professional and comprehensive! My husband and I look forward to putting it on our schedule to study."

Kathy Heerensperger, a retired teacher

 "Can you imagine eight junior high students gathered around the board, discussing, analyzing, and diagramming sentences? I would not have believed it until this year. [...] When I discovered your books and saw the seriousness of your diagrams, the depth, and the respect for this old tradition, I was quite happy."

Cheryl Riege, Pierce, Nebraska

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