Gene Moutoux's Poetry

The Recruit

Cajoled by friends, the lonely kid agrees to come along,

Decision kept from Mom and Dad, for they would think it wrong.

He finds that night his heartís desire: acceptance, accoladesó

A lonely kidís ambrosia, before which all else fades.


With Hitlerís acrimony, with charlatanís aplomb,

A skinhead tells the listeners that society is dumb.

Bizarre and bellicose his words: "With us let no one tinker."

The lonely kid believes it all, takes hook and line and sinker.


He hears that Jews were sired by Satan, their mother being Eve,

While blacks are all inferior; all this he does believe.

The lonely kid will soon become a young abomination.

His parents--they will love him still but, God, their consternation.

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