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In 1964 Joni and I began an exciting journey together. By 1969 the stork had already brought the rest of our family: (from left) Pam, Dave, Tom. Dave, Tom, and Pam occupy the cockpit of a jumbo jet at the end of a flight from L.A. to Minneapolis/St. Paul.
Joni and I somewhere in the hills behind Santa Barbara. A toast to our first high-school graduate. We gathered in Washington, D.C., for Pam's graduation from med school.
My kids (from left, Dave, Tom, and Pam), their spouses (from left, Amelie, Johanna, and Stacy), and I prepare to ride up to a mountain lake, where we spread Joni's cremains. The "kids" and I stand in front of the UCSB married-student apartment where we lived more than thirty years ago.  My sweetheart, Phyllis, and I watch for whales by Santa Barbara.

This picture of my family was taken in the courtyard of a Santa Barbara hotel in the summer of 2013. From left to right in row one are Tom, Johanna, Gene, Phyllis, Brian, Amelie, Dave, and Pam; from left to right in row two are Katie, Anna, Alan, Jay, Jacob, Isabel, and Stacy.  
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