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Coffee or tea

And some poetry 

Metamorphose hours 

Into minutes

My modus operandi in writing most of these poems was to select ten words, proximate alphabetically but randomly grouped with respect to meaning, from the group of "impressive" words that I require my high-school juniors to learn. These ten words usually suggested a possible topic. Then I wrote the first two lines, almost never knowing at this point exactly where the poem was going. I find it amazing that, as a writer, you don’t have to know what you are going to say when you begin; somehow ideas present themselves in the course of writing. My self-imposed task was to use all ten words, and at first I did not allow myself to write more than 14 lines. The latter condition was dropped after ten or so poems as altogether too limiting; the former, too, had to bite the dust when, in rereading the poems, I discovered that I had forced words from the list to do what other words could do better. I hope that you enjoy my poems. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.


Three Preachers

Ernesto's Mnemonics

Latin à la Poe

De Gustibus


The Recruit



A Wedding Ring


Old Mr. Moore

Music at Mudville High

A Wise Jester


Jack and the Beanstalk

The Chauvinist


The Pundit

A Derby Faux Pas

Much Ado . . .


Tell Me Why

Mr Wolf and the Three Pigs

Iconoclasm in the Afterlife

Goody Brown

The Hellenists

The Flower

Uncle Remus Revisited

The Devious Father


Casey at the Cue


Holding Hands


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