Gene Moutoux's Poetry

Music at Mudville High

The music teacher had a dour expression on her face.

Her ear detected dissonance; the culprit was a bass.

Her usual ebullience was nowhere to be found.

Whence could it be, she wondered, came that awful sound?


She clapped her hands repeatedly and slammed the baton down;

In Mudville High School’s junior choir, no singer made a sound.

"Chicanery," she bellowed, "I will not tolerate."

Forthwith a diatribe ensued, its aim to castigate


Depraved and enervating kids, whose consciences are dead,

And on she went discursively, until her face was red.

She called them everything she could from pipsqueaks to deranged,

Till, lo, a red-faced tenor said, "Madam, my voice has changed."


O somewhere there is happiness and somewhere teachers smile.

Not Mudville High School’s music teach; she missed the ball a mile.

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