Gene Moutoux's Poetry

Latin ŗ la Poe

Once upon a midday dreary, latent geniuses sat weary,

As laconic Luke OíLeary rose and sauntered to the fore.

"This fiasco known as Latin," spoke the scholar smooth as satin,

While the teacherís chair he sat in, "is undoubtedly a bore.

Ephemeral anachronism! Indisputably a bore!

Only this and nothing more."


"Latin causes flaccid brains and lethargy and mental pains.

Expiating sinful stains is what one ought to use it for.

Esoteric conjugations are lamentable creations,

Lugubrious gyrations, making studentsí heads get sore,

Moribund anomalies that make our tender heads so sore.

Only this and nothing more."

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