For Beginning Students of German . . .

Essential German:

A No-Frills Approach to Reading and Writing German

Visitors to my web site have asked if my web program Essential German exists as a book. It does indeed and is now available in a newly printed, newly formatted edition. This brand new book includes the same four books as the web program, the same thirty-six chapters, the same vocabulary studies and grammar explanations, the same dialogues and fairy tales, the same exercises, the same answer sections, and the same glossary. What the book has that the web program does not have are nineteen poems by famous German writers such as Goethe and Heine and one unusual fable, all with copious marginal notes. This 6" x 9" 394-page book is printed in 12-point Arial type and has a beautiful soft cover. It is spiral bound for easy, non-destructive photocopying. 

The price of Essential German is $25, including postage within the U.S. and handling. If you order more than one copy, you may subtract $1 from the price of each book after the first. 

To order, please write to me at I will  send you my address, and you can then mail me a check or money order (no cash or credit card numbers, please). Don't forget to include your address. I will try to send your book or books to you on the day your order arrives or on the following day. Shipment is expected to take four to seven days. 

November 2014

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"My oldest son started  with a private tutor and your Essential German book has been a big hit! His teacher, who is from Russia and Germany, really likes the format."

Laurie Ortolano, Litchfield, NH


"I have to tell you again how much I am enjoying your German books—all three of them!  It’s obvious that you put a lot of care and thought into preparing them, and I’m finding them to be much more helpful than the other resources I have found. You make learning German an absolute pleasure!"

Laura L. Russell, Houston, TX


"I have tried 2 different sets of books and 3 different DVD's to learn German and honestly, your lessons are the best."

Sarah Hauser, Krefeld, Germany


"I was wondering if I could buy a copy of your book Aus erster Hand. ... I have two of your other German books and they have been fantastic. As an adult learning German I really appreciate a straight forward approach to grammar and the chance to translate from English to German."

Jodie Aberdeen, Zurich, Switzerland


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