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***Drawing Sentences***

~ A Guide to Diagramming ~

Drawing Sentences: A Guide to Diagramming is comprised  in large measure of the teacher's editions of my previously published books A First Book of Sentence Diagramming, A Second Book of Sentence Diagramming, and A Workbook of Sentence Diagramming. These books constitute Parts One, Two, and Three, respectively, of Drawing Sentences. In addition to hundreds of model diagrams and many pages of explanatory material, the new book contains scores of exercises, diagramming solutions for all sentences of all exercises, unit tests (and answers) in Parts One and Two, a detailed table of contents, a preface on the history of diagramming, an impressive section of grammatical terms and diagramming symbols, and an index.

Part One contains 115 model diagrams and 250 sentences for students to diagram. Part One has eight units, each consisting of three lessons and one review page. Thirteen pages of answers (i.e., diagrams of all 250 sentences) are found at the end of Part One. 

Part Two begins where Part One ends and has the same basic structure. Part Two provides 82 model diagrams and 201 sentences for students to diagram. Twenty-one pages of answers (i.e., diagrams of all 201 sentences) are found at the end of Part Two. 

Parts One and Two have eight unit tests each as well as solutions for all tests.

Part Three contains 115 diagramming examples ranging in difficulty from very easy to very difficult, 30 exercises containing 274 sentences to be diagrammed, a separate answer section with a diagram and a verbal analysis of each sentence, and a concluding section of 30 sentences of medium length (with solutions), intended as a review of most of the diagramming concepts presented in the book.

Drawing Sentences is the perfect choice for elementary-, middle-, and high-school teachers and for homeschool moms and dads. They can acquire a thorough knowledge of sentence diagramming by working through Part Three, thereby preparing themselves to guide their students through Parts One and Two. Part Three can also be used by industrious students to complement and supplement Parts One and Two.

Perhaps the best way to get to know a book is to view its pages. A series of links will allow you to do just that. Please excuse the less-than-perfect quality of my scans. The quality of the actual  pages is excellent. The page size of the scans varies slightly but is approximately the same as the page size of the book (8 1/2/" x 11").

- Table of Contents: (four pages)

- Part One, Unit III (five pages)

- Part Two, Unit III (four pages)

- Part Three, Diagramming Examples (2 of 28 pages)

- Part Three, Solutions (4 of 68 pages)

- Grammatical Terms and Diagramming Symbols (1 of 5 pages)

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July 2013

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