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Sentence 18

Key segments of the nation's news audience, particularly younger and better-educated Americans, and those seeking financial information, are turning increasingly to the Internet, says a new poll on media trends.

         Will Lester, Associated Press (published on June 12, 2000, in Louisville, KY, in The Courier-Journal, page A3)

Lesson 18: 1. The branching of the compound appositive in the above sentence has to be reconnected at the right because the main verb must appear on the same line as the subject. 2. Since none of the first twenty sentences of this web site contain a nominative of direct address or an imperative, I will introduce these topics here. The nominative of direct address designates the person spoken to. The starting command used at the Indianapolis 500 is Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines. The direct-address forms are ladies and gentlemen. The rest of the sentence is a command, and the verb is said to be in the imperative mood. The subject of an imperative verb is an understood you. The unexpressed you is represented in a diagram by you in parentheses or by an x. Here is a diagram:

Apologia pro descriptione mea: Particularly is an adverb, so it cannot modify segment or Americans (both nouns) or those (a pronoun). So what gives? Harman calls words like particularly independent adverbs. As examples she mentions namely, especially, specifically, for example, and others. Independent adverb seems as good a label as any; however, while Harman diagrams independent adverbs alone, completely separate from the rest of the sentence, I prefer to draw a broken line between particularly and the place where it appears in the sentence.
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