Sentence Diagrams

Sentence 11

It's hard for many people to balance work and family, but entrepreneurs running a company out of their homes learn quickly that it can be impossible to separate the two.

          - Joyce M. Rosenberg, Associated Press (published on June 5, 2000, in Louisville, KY, in The Courier-Journal, page C1)

Lesson 11: 1. The principal coordinating conjunctions are and, but, and or. Additional coordinating conjunctions include nor, for, yet, and so. Coordinating conjunctions join sentence parts (words, phrases, and clauses) that are grammatically equal. In the above sentence, the coordinating conjunction and joins two words, while but joins two main (or independent) clauses. 2. Note the slanted line before the adjectives hard and impossible. Such a line indicates a predicate adjective, that is, an adjective that follows a linking verb and modifies the subject of the sentence. In our sentence, the linking verbs are is (contracted) and be.
Apologia pro descriptione mea: 1. Both infinitive phrases are appositives. 2. Running is a present active participle. 3. That is can be impossible to separate the two is a noun clause used as a direct object.
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