Sentence Diagramming

Daily Diagrams 81-90

Day 81. We call the day before today "yesterday.".
Day 82. Is today the tomorrow that I feared yesterday?

Day 83. Today is the tomorrow I was so afraid of yesterday.

Day 84. My friend, answer this question: Can "tomorrow" mean the same thing as "today?"
Day 85. Whatever logical or philosophical questions a juxtaposing of today and tomorrow may evoke, even a small child knows the most important difference between the two concepts, i.e., that today is here right now, and tomorrow will come later.

Day 86.  When did Labor Day become a national holiday?

Day 87. I am grateful to Liz Danzico for her kind reference to "The Daily Diagram" on her blog, "Bobulate."
Day 88.  I am likewise grateful to the many bloggers who reblogged Danzico's reference.

Day 89. Only a few years ago, who would have imagined using the word reblogged in an acceptable English sentence?

Day 90. Not long ago there seemed to be no question about when to use whom instead of who in questions and in relative clauses and when to use me instead of I in compound expressions; alas, the once firm rules about these matters appear to be changing.

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