Sentence Diagramming

Daily Diagrams 71-80

Day 71. The new school year begins soon.
Day 72. Students or their parents must buy school supplies, and both students and parents must prepare mentally for a new schedule.

Day 73. Do you know that for some students the school year has already begun?

Day 74. If you haven't been in school this week, there is good reason to think that next week will find you there.
Day 75. If the weather and other circumstances in your life are favorable, I trust you will enjoy the first weekend of the new school year or the last weekend of the summer vacation.

Day 76.  Will your class be diagramming sentences this week?

Day 77. Sometimes we must do things that we don't enjoy.
Day 78.  Employees and students are happy when they like to do what they have to do.

Day 79. Tomorrow I will give you a sentence that expressed an unequal comparison; it will be at least as difficult as Wednesday's sentence.

Day 80. Like a horse with its eye on the approaching barn, I usually found that the end of a school year, with summer vacation just around the corner, was more enjoyable, more relaxed, than the beginning had been, when the barn (summer vacation) was no longer in sight, and students and teacher had to get used to each other.

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