Sentence Diagramming

Daily Diagrams 61-70

Day 61. This is the first workday of another hot week, and many people's work space is not air-conditioned.

Day 62. Do you think that most people enjoy their jobs?

Day 63. If the sun shines today, I will mow my lawn; if it rains, I will rent a goat to eat my meadow.

Day 64. While thunderstorms moved through the area today, I imagined goats pulling out my knee-high grass by the roots.

Day 65. However tired you may be after a long hike up to a high mountain lake, it's hard to beat the feeling of relaxation that comes over you as you sit among alpine flowers and contemplate a dinner of freshly caught trout.

Day 66. My grandson Brian's birthday is today; my granddaughter Katie has a birthday a week from today.

Day 67. Do you know how one diagrams a gerund used as the object of a preposition?

Day 68. The most common way of diagramming a gerund used as the object of a preposition is to attach the left end of its step-down structure to a point near the bottom of the slanted line of the preposition.

Day 69. I wonder if you can think of a sentence in which a gerund functions as an objective complement.

Day 70. Although it is never fun to keep you waiting a week for a diagram of one of my sentences, I must confess that I do enjoy getting away from my computer now and then.

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