Sentence Diagramming

Daily Diagrams 51-60

Day 51. I hope that LeBron James, the king of the hardwood, decides to stay in Cleveland, but I fear he may have his eyes on a larger, more scintillating kingdom.

Day 52. In order to get through the Friday workday with a reasonably good attitude, Sally keeps part of her mind focused on the thought that the weekend begins when the office door closes behind her at four o’clock.

Day 53. Children, stay out of the water.

Day 54. Enjoy diagramming this sentence, and forgive me for withholding my diagram of it until Friday.

Day 55. It is not hard to imagine that large numbers of listeners found it challenging to comprehend the long, complex sentences found in inaugural addresses and addresses to congress of several early presidents.

Day 56. Have you been watching the Tour de France during the month of July?

Day 57. The vacationers stayed in their room almost all day because the heat was unbearable.

Day 58. Is it true that people who go to bed early and get up early are healthy, wealthy, and wise?

Day 59. If you had been elected president of the United States, would you not try hard to include in you inaugural address at least one or two memorable sentences?

Day 60. Have you heard this old, infallible weather saying: "When the rooster crows on the manure pile, the weather will change, or it will stay the way it is"?

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