Sentence Diagramming

Daily Diagrams 41-50

Day 41. ESPN has been hyping the NBA draft so much that even I can't wait to turn on the TV this evening and watch it unfold.

Day 42. Five of the top thirty players selected in the NBA draft played for the University of Kentucky in the 2009-2010 season, which makes one wonder why the Wildcats didn't win the 2010 NCAA championship.

Day 43. Does he know the difference between a direct object and the object of a preposition?

Day 44. Thinking of a new diagramming challenge each day can be challenging.

Day 45. Much of what science does today with inductive reasoning was attempted by philosophers of old with deductive reasoning.

Day 46. Distracted by what he considered inane and unnecessarily accusatory questions, the witness stumbled repeatedly in the middle of sentences, from which he was unable to extricate himself gracefully.

Day 47. I'm not sure what she said, but she might have asked what you meant when you said that the word what can be both a relative pronoun and an interrogative pronoun.

Day 48. Did you celebrate the holiday yesterday, or will you celebrate it today?

Day 49. Each year I look forward to the Tour de France, although I do not own a bicycle.

Day 50. Holland's victory over Uruguay yesterday guarantees an all-European 2010 World Cup championship game; moreover, if Germany beats Spain tomorrow, the final two teams will represent adjacent countries.

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