Sentence Diagramming

Daily Diagrams 31-40

Day 31. My daughter, my son-in-law, and my grandchildren are visiting me this weekend.

Day 32. Since the wait at the restaurant was too long, we picked up a pizza and ate it at home.

Day 33. Shipping the package first class appeared to be our only option since the buyer insisted that transit time be under three days.

Day 34. Her decision was to go to the police and report that her friend was the terrorist everyone had been looking for.

Day 35. I wonder if we will ever regain the wonderful sense of neighborhood that people of an earlier age found so natural.

Day 36. Did you get enough exercise in the first week of your summer vacation?

Day 37. Today's sentence, the last before a two-week hiatus, offers you three suggestions: that you get enough exercise, perhaps by swimming, hiking, or playing tennis; that you eat healthful foods such as fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, and whole grains; and that, as you go about your daily activities, you give some thought to the needs of others, with a view to helping whenever and wherever you can.

Day 38. Do you find the long diagram exciting?

Day 39. I'm sorry about using the same sentence twice.

Day 40. If you want to stay cool in Louisville this week, stay inside.

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