Sentence Diagramming

Daily Diagrams 21-30

Day 21. How many days remain in this school year?

Day 22. Who is standing on the desk in the corner of the room?

Day 23. I wonder if they will drive all day.

Day 24. I will be unable to offer you another sentence and to show you how to diagram this sentence until I return to my computer on Tuesday; of course, I don't think that this long sentence will keep you busy until then, but it might keep your diagramming neurons working properly.

Day 25. I recently visited people who have lived in Montgomery, Alabama, since birth.

Day 26. We visited a museum dedicated to Rosa Parks, the black woman who, when asked to give up her seat to a white rider, refused and was arrested.

Day 27. After falling from his horse, the sheriff got up, remounted, and renewed his pursuit; still, the outlaw escaped.

Day 28. Painting the entire fence made the boys realize that painting fences is not very much fun.

Day 29. I regret that I will be unable to provide the diagram of this sentence before Friday.

Day 30. Although the tropical fish hadn't eaten for two days, they were reluctant to eat what the substitute feeder fed them.

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