Sentence Diagramming

Daily Diagrams 241-250

Day 241. Perhaps the best advice is to be as kind toward others as we would like others to be toward us.
Day 242. Family reunions can be great fun.

Day 243. The best reunions are those that last for several days or longer.
Day 244. Family reunions give family members who may not have seen each other for years a chance to share old memories while making new ones.

Day 245. I think it would be fun to hold our next family reunion on the campus of one of the nation's most beautiful universities, where my family and I spent six exciting years together.

Day 246.  My grandparents, who had twice as many children and three times as many grandchildren as I have, were unable to get all of them to visit at the same time.

Day 247. The final week of this web page has arrived.
Day 248.  Don't you wish that the puzzle page of your local newspaper contained a "Daily Diagram"?

Day 249. I would like to use the penultimate sentence of this series to tell you that tomorrow's sentence will contain one hundred words.

Day 250. Although people with excellent writing and speaking skills but with little or no formal knowledge of grammar are unable to participate fully in a conversation about such germane topics as the proper use of participles, the correct choice of the pronouns "who" and "whom," the placement of possessives before certain gerunds, and the avoidance of redundant relative pronouns, they nevertheless can and do, by their positive modeling, act as powerful counterweights to the destructive forces in society that constantly introduce and propagate mindless changes in the grammar of the language--changes which, if left unchecked, would quickly spiral out of control. (101 words)

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