Sentence Diagramming

Daily Diagrams 231-240

Day 231. I still remember several of the old songs that my mother sang as she moved about the house.
Day 232. If you are superstitious, you must be terribly worried today about the possibility of being hit on the head by a falling meteor or at least by the droppings of a flight of Canadian geese.

Day 233. What do you want to become?
Day 234. Do you know what you want to become?

Day 235. Why do you want to become what you want to become?

Day 236.  He knows that he doesn't want to become what his parents want him to become.

Day 237. Would it be reasonable to suppose that some might say that he doesn't really know what his parents want him to consider doing with his future?
Day 238.  In your opinion, what is most important?

Day 239. Is it more important, for example, to do great things or to be a great person?

Day 240. If God is keeping score, do you suppose we humans get more bonus points for penitence than we get for kindness?

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