Sentence Diagramming

Daily Diagrams 211-220

Day 211. Having lived in a city his entire life, he moved to the country after retirement so that he could have a large garden in his backyard.
Day 212. He always said that he found living in the country more agreeable than life in the city.

Day 213. Something hard was being asked of them.
Day 214. While redbud trees blossomed at my home in Kentucky, five inches of snow fell at my son's home in Colorado.

Day 215. My response to the email message of a teacher who wrote to me today was returned marked undeliverable.

Day 216.  If the teacher in question will provide me with another email address, I will be happy to resend my response.

Day 217. I was encouraging to find that this web page is being read by a gentleman in Qatar, who wrote to me today with a question about the "Daily Diagram" archives.
Day 218.  The hardest sentences to diagram may be sentences of comparison.

Day 219. What makes sentences of comparison harder to diagram than most other sentences?

Day 220. In a sentence of unequal comparison, it may be hard to figure out how to complete the than-clause.

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