Sentence Diagramming

Daily Diagrams 201-210

Day 201. What I said yesterday must be amended to show that a team seeded among the lowest eight teams has to win seven consecutive games if it is to become the 2011 champion.
Day 202. Although I said, when Louisville lost this afternoon, that I was no longer interested in the tournament, I couldn't keep from turning it on again this evening.

Day 203. This is the first week of spring.
Day 204. Is spring, when the flowers bloom and the birds sing, your favorite season?

Day 205. In the part of the country in which I live, people say it is not safe to plant summer flowers until Derby Day.

Day 206.  In the south one can plant flowers earlier than that, but in the north one must plant them later than in more southerly regions.

Day 207. If we restrict ourselves to the northern hemisphere, we can say that the earlier one can plant summer flowers, the farther south one lives.
Day 208.  Do you enjoy daylight-saving time?

Day 209. I can spend time in the garden when I get home.

Day 210. My father loved to garden and was grateful for all the daylight he could get.

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