Sentence Diagramming

Daily Diagrams 191-200

Day 191. By referring to a pronunciation key, which you can expect to find in the front of your dictionary, you can learn to use your dictionary as a guide to pronunciation.
Day 192. There are two kinds of dictionaries: prescriptive dictionaries, which tell you how words ought to be used, and descriptive dictionaries, which tell you how words are used.

Day 193. Do you enjoy fishing?
Day 194. When I was young, I liked to fish.

Day 195. Since no size restrictions applied to the private lake in which my father, my brother, and I fished, we were able to keep and clean most of the fish we caught.

Day 196.  Although I did not dwell on the matter then, it seems to me now that using the fish we caught as food gave a moral legitimacy to our fishing.

Day 197. Even though I still fish occasionally, I wonder if it isn't better not to fish at all than to fish only for enjoyment.
Day 198.  We now know the pairings for the NCAA basketball tournament.

Day 199. If my team, Louisville, beats Morehead State on Thursday, they play again on Saturday.

Day 200. All a team must do to win the tournament is win six games in a row.

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