Sentence Diagramming

Daily Diagrams 181-190

Day 181. The people of Egypt are free.
Day 182. For now, Egypt is under the control of an apparently benevolent military.

Day 183. The military leaders estimate that it will take six months to write a constitution and organize elections.
Day 184. In the meantime, we hear reports daily that people in other countries of North Africa and of the Middle East are voicing their opposition to their countries' leaders.

Day 185. Since not all revolutions against oppressive regimes result in a better life for the common people, we cannot be certain that the liberation movements of the Middle East will succeed.

Day 186.  How often do you use a dictionary?

Day 187. Do you know what one can find in dictionaries besides definitions?
Day 188.  Do scholars know the derivation of all English words?

Day 189. You can learn bits and pieces of foreign languages while researching the derivation of English words.

Day 190. In the process of looking up the meaning of the word amenable, Beth noticed that it has two acceptable pronunciations.

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