Sentence Diagramming

Daily Diagrams 171-180

Day 171. Philosophy once regarded cosmology as its domain, but it must now look to science for answers to questions about the structure of the universe.
Day 172. One f the questions that epistemology, a branch of science dealing with the nature and limits of knowledge, attempts to answer is whether or not we humans can know anything at all.

Day 173. I am finally reading The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett.

Day 174. The author tells a believable, compelling story about royalty, clergymen, and commoners in medieval England.

Day 175. When I go to bed after reading this powerful book, sleep does not always come easily.

Day 176.  To bring the Middle Ages alive for readers who have little knowledge of medieval history and to make his story believable for readers who know that history thoroughly, Follett must have researched a multitude of topics ranging from clothes to cathedrals, from robbers to kings.

Day 177. I think my computer problems have been solved.
Day 178.  I am grateful to a computer expert who made several trips to my house to load my new computer with the programs and files that I need.

Day 179. When I awoke this morning and found that the new computer was sending no signal to the screen, I felt frustrated once again.

Day 180. Although I had thought that there was something seriously wrong with my computer, the computer pro fixed the problem with an embarrassingly simple trick: turning the computer off and then turning it on again.

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