Sentence Diagramming

Daily Diagrams 161-170

Day 161. She wished she had resolved to make another resolution.
Day 162. If you made repeated resolutions not to make resolutions about making resolutions, would anyone believe you?

Day 163. Are you interested in the NFL playoffs?

Day 164. To become the NFL champion, a team must win the next three games.

Day 165. When your opponents are the best teams in the league, it's not easy to win three games in a row.

Day 166.  Although football remains popular in America, both fans and players have expressed concern about the long-term effects of repeated head injuries.

Day 167. Can you articulate the guidelines used by our society in differentiating between permissible and impermissible violence?
Day 168.  In France many people read books about philosophy.

Day 169. Bernard Henri-Levy, a French philosopher, and fellow philosopher Michael Houellebecq have written a book together.

Day 170. When Levy and Houellebecq walk down the streets of Paris, they are greeted enthusiastically by many people.

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