Sentence Diagramming

Daily Diagrams 151-160

Day 151. The shoppers consider stopping but decide not to because they have too little time.
Day 152. Perhaps you will agree that it is better to give than to get.

Day 153. It snowed here last night (Saturday), and we are expecting more snow tonight.

Day 154. When I was visiting a nursing home today, I met some students who had come to entertain the residents.

Day 155. One of the joys of my retirement has been playing piano in nursing homes, where the residents sometimes sing along.

Day 156.  She said that she lives on a street where a prize is awarded annually to the residents who decorate their yard and house front most beautifully.

Day 157. To those of you who celebrate Christmas, I wish a merry Christmas, and I wish happy holidays to those of you who do not celebrate Christmas; of course, to all of you I wish a new year filled with the best things life has to offer.
Day 158.  Did you make a New Year's resolution?

Day 159. Do you think that you will keep your resolution?

Day 160. The new mayor's resolution is to do her best for the community.

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