Sentence Diagramming

Daily Diagrams 141-150

Day 141. After a large Thanksgiving dinner, the adults will talk, watch football on TV, and then fall asleep.
Day 142. Uncle Max is thought to have said that he will skip next year's Thanksgiving dinner unless Aunt Ruth makes the dressing.

Day 143. Many teachers and students enjoy the school days between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Day 144. What the oasis is for desert caravanners the first day of Christmas vacation is for students and teachers.

Day 145. In many schools, the first semester ends when the Christmas vacation begins.

Day 146.  Teaching is harder than it was when I began teaching nearly fifty years ago.

Day 147. Plagued by state and federal mandates that add each year to pedagogic responsibilities, teachers (many of them) work seventy or eighty hours a week at the loss of much of the joy that used to characterize their profession.
Day 148.  Remember the less fortunate, especially at this time of the year.

Day 149. The Christmas song "Pretty Paper" expresses concern for people who need our help.

Day 150. The song's lyrics tell of Christmas shoppers who walk past a poor man sitting on a busy downtown sidewalk hoping to sell wrapping paper and ribbons.

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