Sentence Diagramming

Daily Diagrams 131-140

Day 131. My daughter, a physician, lives in Cleveland with her husband and three children.
Day 132. Sara, an only child, asked her classmate if she came from a large family.

Day 133. If you had your choice, would you choose to play a small part in a large family or to stay in a small family?

Day 134. Because couples are having fewer children these days and senior citizens are living longer and longer, it seems to me that the United States will be forced to make changes in its Social Security System.

Day 135. The musician's friends and fans contributed thousands of dollars for his surgery.

Day 136.  The money for the musician's surgery was collected at a large party, at which several local bands played.

Day 137. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a large number of friends who can be counted on to contribute generously in a time of medical need.
Day 138.  It is possible for a family of average means to go bankrupt because of catastrophic medical debts.

Day 139. Let's hope that we find a way for all families to receive adequate, affordable medical attention.

Day 140. Where will you celebrate Thanksgiving this year?

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