Sentence Diagramming

Daily Diagrams 111-120

Day 111. This weekend we went to the celebration of a friend's life..
Day 112. The friend who died had been a lawyer.

Day 113. Some time ago, my friend expressed the wish that, after her death, her body be cremated.

Day 114. Having spread half of his wife's ashes in rural western Kentucky, the grieving husband will wait a while before deciding where to spread the other half.
Day 115. I understand that some may think that sentences about death are inappropriate material for diagramming; I hope I have offended no one and apologize if I have.

Day 116.  Is the girl over there your sister?

Day 117. Do you want to meet my sister?
Day 118.  We can watch her play tennis this afternoon.

Day 119. I know that she enjoys playing field hockey, too.

Day 120. Since I know her well, I am able to tell you confidently that, because she is so gregarious, she plays field hockey more often and with greater pleasure than she plays tennis.

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