Sentence Diagramming

Daily Diagrams 101-110

Day 101. On Saturday I attended my 57th high-school reunion.
Day 102. Most classes probably have a 50th and a 60th reunion, but not many classes have a 57th.

Day 103. Do you think you will go to your 50th high-school reunion?

Day 104. One of life's little mysteries is why high school casts such a spell on many of us that we journey great distances, even in old age, to attend high-school reunions.
Day 105. Approximately three-fourths of the members of the Class of 1953 are still alive; however, each year we have one or two fewer survivors than we had the year before.

Day 106.  A friend had a birthday party on Saturday.

Day 107. Two of her daughters, two sons-in-law, three grandchildren, and I came to my friend's party. 
Day 108.  The day of our birth is so important that, even if others forget it, we don't.

Day 109. Do you think that those people who say they prefer that their birthday pass unmentioned really mean it?

Day 110. When his great grandmother's cake with 100 burning candles was brought to the table, Jason wanted to know if he could roast marshmallows.

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