Sentence Diagramming

Daily Diagrams 91-100

Day 91. This area has had no significant rainfall in several weeks.
Day 92. Both my neighbor and I hope that it rains soon.

Day 93. Would you prefer that we talk about something other than the weather?

Day 94. Since I now know that you think the weather is a boring topic, I would not discuss it further even if I had to withhold the fact that rain has been forecast for tomorrow.
Day 95. Would you say I should get a life if I asked if you find composing and diagramming compound-complex sentences more exciting than any other academic activity you can think of?

Day 96.  When does fall begin?

Day 97. Fall does not begin tomorrow, Sept. 21.
Day 98.  I will give you a hint: Fall did not begin yesterday, and it does not begin today.

Day 99. If it is true that fall did not begin yesterday or the day before yesterday, when do you think it begins?

Day 100. If you said that fall began yesterday, Sept. 23, you were correct; moreover, if you are a student, your teacher ought to give you a reward for your diligence and scholarship.

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