Sentence Diagramming

Daily Diagrams 1-10

Day 1. All insects have six legs.

Day 2. One of my friends exercises daily at the Y.

Day 3. The individual players were outstanding; however, they didn't play hard enough to win the conference championship.

Day 4. Even though it is thought that some coal mines are unsafe, miners continue to enter them because they believe they have no other means of providing for their families.

Day 5. She wanted to know how she would have finished if she had run faster than she had ever run.

Day 6. Bring your coats and hats.

Day 7. Her husband, a professional tennis player, has become rich and famous.

Day 8. Although his health had been improving, it took a turn for the worse last week.

Day 9. Many complained that the new editor had not even begun to address the newspaper's most serious problems.

Day 10. If you had studied history as long as I, you would know the names of the two mathematicians, an Englishman and a German, who almost simultaneously invented calculus.

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