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The Basics of Sentence Diagramming

~ Sentences 21-25 ~

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Sentence 21: She spoke with confidence.

The prepositional phrase with confidence, which consists of the preposition with and its object confidence, is used adverbially in this sentence, as a modifier of the verb spoke.

Sentence 22: Several students in her class speak with the confidence of Demosthenes.

The adverbial modifier of the verb speak is the prepositional phrase with the confidence of Demosthenes. The object of the preposition with (i.e., the noun confidence) is modified by the adjectival prepositional phrase of Demosthenes. In her class is also an adjectival prepositional phrase.

Sentence 23: Long ago the octogenarian had adopted a lifestyle conducive to longevity.

The adverb long modifies the adverb ago, and the adverbial prepositional phrase to longevity, which consists of the preposition to and its object longevity, modifies the attributive adjective conducive.

Sentence 24: Drive carefully.

An imperative sentence contains no expressed subject. The missing subject, you, is diagrammed by placing an x (or the word you in parentheses) in the position of the subject. Notice that the verb, drive, is capitalized because it is the first word of the sentence. Of course, carefully is an adverb modifying the verb.

Sentence 25: Show us the pictures.

The indirect object is the word or words representing the person(s) or thing(s) to whom or to which something or someone is given, said, or shown. The indirect object is never the object of a preposition; however, it can always be paraphrased by a prepositional phrase. In this sentence, us, the indirect object, can be restated as the prepositional phrase to us.
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