Diagramming Sentences

Sentence Diagrams

by Eugene R. Moutoux

~ One Way of Learning English Grammar ~

The Basics of Sentence Diagramming

~ Part Two: Sentences 31- 60 ~


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Sentence 31: The parents ate the cake, and the children ate the cookies.

Sentence 46: Having spotted a school of fish near the surface, the pelican plunged into the water.

Sentence 32: We are staying home tonight because we have too much homework.

Sentence 47: Walking through her garden, we saw vegetables of every size, shape, and color.

Sentence 33: Although he was aware of the big game, the math teacher assigned enough work for a week.

Sentence 48: Bundled in blankets, but freezing nevertheless, they left at the end of the third quarter.

Sentence 34: Sue left school early because she felt sick, but her mother brought her back because she had forgotten her Latin book.

Sentence 49: Diagramming sentences can be fun.

Sentence 35: Scott is Jennifer's boyfriend.

Sentence 50: Seeing is believing.

Sentence 36: His classmates elected him class president.

Sentence 51: She earned a promotion by completing her projects promptly.

Sentence 37: He was elected class president by his classmates.

Sentence 52: The kids wanted to play in the sandbox.

Sentence 38: The announcement made him happy.

Sentence 53: It is pleasant to sit in a boat and dangle your feet in the water.

Sentence 39: He was made happy by the announcement.

Sentence 54: Our friends arrived too late to catch the last bus.

Sentence 40: Do you recognize the people who just walked in?

Sentence 55: I hope that you are eager to diagram more sentences.

Sentence 41: Are they not the people to whom we sold our car?

Sentence 56: They wonder whether they should spend so much money for a car.

Sentence 42: The newlyweds whose house burned down have no insurance.

Sentence 57: He asked why they had waited for him.

Sentence 43: I am selling the cabin that I built many years ago.

Sentence 58: Your occupational success depends on how hard you work in school.

Sentence 44: Don't forget that you have a dentist's appointment this afternoon.

Sentence 59: I forgot to tell you whom I saw last summer.

Sentence 45: That man told me that that was the lure that caught the big fish.

Sentence 60: They are confident they will succeed.

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