by Eugene R. Moutoux


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In this section of my website you will find

Essential German, a complete course in reading and writing German,

Fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, with vocabulary sections, marginal notes, and exercises,

Letters of famous German-speaking men and women, with vocabulary sections, marginal notes, and exercises,

and German sentence diagrams.


In this section of my website you will find

1750 English words derived from Latin, defined and used in original sentences,

420 flashcards with SAT-type Latin derivatives,

108 quizzes of Latin derivatives,

Parent words of Latin derivatives,

and Latin sentence diagrams.


In this section of my website you will find

The basics of sentence diagramming,

250 archived "Daily Diagrams,"

Diagrams of sentences from literature, from the U.S. Constitution, from the Gettysburg Address, from presidential inaugural addresses, and from newspaper articles,

Explanations of English grammar and usage,

. . . and more.

My Books

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Even children can learn to diagram sentences using this book overflowing with examples and exercises.

Adult learners will appreciate the in-depth grammar explanations and the introduction to tree diagrams.

If you love to diagram, you'll welcome the challenges of this book.

Learn adjectives like redolent, irascible, incipient, disjunctive, peremptory, and meretricious; verbs like inveigh, contravene, proscribe, stultify, equivocate, and exculpate; and nouns like exigency, petulance, profligacy, temerity, casuistry, and circumspection.

Please excuse the quality of my cover and page scans. They do not do justice to the beauty and clarity of the actual products.

The Brothers Grimm collected more than 200 fairy tales. Here are sixteen you've never read.

Read letters by Beethoven, Bismarck, Nietzsche, Einstein, Kafka, Freud, and many others.

Learn to read and write German with this complete, grammar-intensive course.


My wife, Mary Joan Moutoux,

died in 2006 at the age of 64.

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